Monday, November 12, 2007

We're Smarter Than They Are

Any idea about what catalyzed the props getting knocked out from under GOOG, today? There was no news of any substance, no downgrades. Was it just time? Or could it have been the news about Google going after the schlocky content producer, Simon Fuller? Let's see...

CONTENT?! Are they nuts? Don't they know that they're the distributors? Don't they realize that content providers are schmucks? That every shlub with a blog out in the long tail is a content provider?

Well, you would think. Unless Larry and Sergey, who like to smile for the camera in hot tubs, are really idiots, after all.

Naa. It was just time. AAPL and RIMM took worse chops today, and we know they're not schmucks.


Anonymous said...

Goog wasn't getting much smart money buyer support in the last couple of days because of the uncertain ruling that is due tomorrow. Tomorrow the EC rules if Goog gets to acquire Doubleclick. After tomorrow that uncertainty is removed one way or another (up or down for Goog) in a big way.


Larry Blumen said...

You're smarter than I am. Thanks for the observation.