Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Google Eve

Can it be Google Eve again? Time to go down again into the Google Bunker and hunker, waiting for the blast, tomorrow evening.

The buzz on GOOG, lately, has been subdued, but grudgingly constructive. The expectation is that Google will turn in another stellar quarter like their previous one, when the earnings blew out the blowout numbers. But that's the issue - if the result, this time, doesn't blow by even the highest of the analyst guesses, then disappointment will rain down.

As a dedicated GOOG watcher, I believe that Google's performance may equal last quarter, but not exceed it by enough to cause another seismic rendering of the earth like last time. In that event, GOOG the stock will likely dither for a while after hours and then settle for a pop of modest proportions.

Then, I believe, GOOG will work its way higher, retaking 600 and preparing for an assault on 700 in January. At that point, I will strive to sell half my long-term position.