Thursday, November 15, 2007

No more bitchin'

Of interest only to me, is the fact that, today, I bought back the 48 GOOG (plus three) that I sold a few weeks ago. The price was 628.42. My profit in the transaction is small, but measurable. Nevertheless, I am glad to have my whole complement of shares again (plus three).

I ended the day up a bit from there, so now my only uncertainty is whether I will be humiliated by further declines tomorrow, or somewhere down the line.

Of course, if GOOG had rolled over when I told it to, at 650, and then dropped 15%, I would be buying it back now at 550, and you would never hear me whine again.

1 comment:

Larry Blumen said...

I told GOOG to roll over and it didn't.

So, does this mean that GOOG is, or is not, a dog?