Saturday, November 17, 2007

Barron's in my Driveway

My wife came to me, a while back, with one of those lists of magazines to subscribe to. She told me that I had to pick at least one from the list or our grandchildren would never be accepted at Yale.

I looked over the list, even though I knew what my choices were: Field and Stream, Psychology Today, Architectural Review and others even more depressing. The last time I had been near a field or a stream was in 1952. And I'm sure that Psychology Today is the same as it was yesterday and the day before.

My wife said, "How about Smart Money?"

I gave her a look. But then I noticed something I had never seen before in such a list: Barron's! Now that was a possibility - a humor magazine. I like humor. And besides, the guys on Cramer's web site are always talking about the cute pictures on the cover and I'm always feeling left out. I decided that I would subscribe to Barron's. I mean, where else can I find out what Fred Hickey is doing?

Now, every Saturday, the latest edition of Barron's appears in my driveway as if by magic. This morning, I heard it slap against the pavement and so I looked out to see who had delivered it. I saw a grown man, with a sack over his shoulder, pedaling down the street on a bicycle. He looked a lot like Michael Santoli.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my subscription. It takes me about five minutes to read. First, Abelson and Santoli. Then, a quick check of the company index for any references to Google. Finally, Eric Savitz, Market Watch and any other tidbits I can glean from a quick skim. And, of course, the cartoons.

When I started getting my copies every Saturday, I figured that now I would get some respect whenever I clicked on Barron's Online. In the past, I was always denied access because I wasn't a subscriber. Imagine my dismay when I tried to get in recently and was again denied. Barron's needs to get its act together.

I thought about calling Murdoch, but I figured he was busy. He'll probably get around to fixing it when he gets a chance.


Anonymous said...

One of the wittiest posts yet!

Larry Blumen said...

Anonymous: Thank you, sir or madam. According to Google Analytics, about a thousand people have stumbled into this site and stumbled out again. My own assessment is that there are about three of you who are actually getting what I'm trying to do.

For you three, I will motor on.

Anonymous said...

A thousand stumblers isn't so bad. I imagine there are more readers and admirers among them than you give yourself credit for.