Friday, November 9, 2007

Shoulda Oughta

The weekend is nigh. A time for reflecting on ways and means. Saturday is for shoulda. Sunday is for oughta.


Anonymous said...

The primary purpose of the stock market is to sell shares to suckers. When GOOG went IPO, none of the stock sellers in their wildest dreams dared to dream that one share of GOOG would ever be worth $300 let alone $700.

Imagine their glee when the suckers lined up to pay $700 per share of their 0.01 par value stock certificates.

All stock operators know that the number one objective is to hike the price of shares up as high as possible so that they can sell volume on the way down. GOOG surpassed all expectations and there's a lot of stock that will be sold on the way down - all the way from $700 to $100.

Larry Blumen said...

anonymo: The nightmare you describe lurks deep in the mad heart of every trader. It is this fear that makes them sharp as wolves.