Wednesday, November 14, 2007

googoptimist club

I recently admitted to being a googoptimist.

A googoptimist is a person who owns one or more shares of GOOG and believes fervently that GOOG will increase in value beyond everyone's wildest dreams. Googoptimists base their belief, not on hopes and dreams, but on empirical intuition.

Googoptimists are considered naive and gullible by some, but they don't care. They're a clubby bunch.


Larry Blumen said...

Another neologism.

There are variations:

gigoptimist -

One who thinks he'll always have a job.

gagoptimist -

One who thinks all his jokes are funny.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog; your posts are cute. Keep up the good work.

Larry Blumen said...

anonymous: Thank you very much. Your comment encourages me to stay at my post.