Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hewing to the Old Ways

Sunday is a time for simplifying your life, for stepping back from the networked world to everything. The old ways are slower, and that is better.

It's always been there. It hasn't gone away. I haven't forgotten how to do it. I opened the Sunday paper and found the business section, turning the pages until I saw "NASDAQ National Market". Section G was in the middle of the page. I scanned the tiny lines until I saw it:

*Google 663.63 -30.34.

Small, definitive and true. An eternal verity. It didn't change when I looked at it again.

In the inset box, "Stock Tables Explained", I learned that the star means that the stock "traded more than 6 percent of its total shares outstanding."

It was all that I needed to know.

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