Monday, November 19, 2007

I Want to Feel Your Pain

Today was a day of gloom, horror and panic. Everything started out bad and then deteriorated. That's what I heard on the Stock Channel. Personally, I didn't feel it myself, being mostly in cash and Google. All I felt was lonely.

I wanted to be in the company of all that misery. I wanted to feel my gut wrench. But all I felt was - OK. And there was no one I could talk to about it.

Most people don't like schadenfreude, mainly because they don't know what it means. I feel guilty because I do.

So, I decided to buy 350 shares of SPY today. The S&P 500 chart is on the verge of breaking down. I hope it does. I want to join the crowd. I want to tell you about my pain. And I want to hear about yours.

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