Sunday, November 11, 2007

GOOG is too much with us

Getting and spending. That's all we think about. Surely, there are other things in life, more satisfying, enjoyable, uplifting and inspiring. The problem is, all those things require getting and spending. But that's all it is - a means to an end.

Who among us has the fortitude to forget about GOOG for three years? Forsake the Google Message Board, shun the Stock Channel, avoid the closing prices in the Wall Street Journal, turn away from any mention of money, and its derivatives. Get thee behind me, Cramer.

In 1986, I didn't know where the Dow Jones average was. The greatest secular bull run in history was underway, and I didn't know about it, or care. Those were the halcyon days, not three weeks ago, when GOOG was still fab.

My wife's step-mother was given 10 shares of JNJ in 1950. She never gave it another thought. Fifty years later, it was worth a million-six. A homily for the poor greedy man.

A singular experience it would be to wake up in three years to find that your GOOG was worth a million-six.

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