Monday, November 5, 2007

Idiot and Google Guy

Idiot: "Google's too expensive."

Google Guy: "What do you mean?"

Idiot: "The price is too high."

Google Guy: "A lot of companies have higher ones."

Idiot: "It's the capitalization."

Google Guy: "Yeah."

Idiot: "Google will be bigger than Microsoft soon."

Google Guy: "Yeah."

Idiot: "It will be bigger than Exxon."

Google Guy: "Yeah."

Idiot: "If it keeps going for 20 years, its capitalization will be a trillion!"

Google Guy: "Yeah."


Google Guy: "What's your point?"

1 comment:

Larry Blumen said...

Eddy Elfenbein reported yesterday in "Crossing Wall Street" that PetroChina has already become the first company with a capitalization of more than a trillion dollars. But they don't do ads.