Thursday, January 17, 2008

That Great Gettin' Up Morning

Everybody, including me, wants to know when this worm is going to turn. Every day, I scan the expert columns of Real Money, so naturally I have no clue.

I read Cramer to find out what raw emotion is thinking. I read Rev Shark to get the perspective of a trading machine. From the good Rev, I learned that you can sell all your stocks for cash and still be a good person. Now, I want to know when I can sell all my cash for stocks.

I am waiting for that great Klaxon on top of the World Financial Center to sound, calling all us rats out of our holes, and into the sunlight.

But the best advice I have from several commentators is, forget the bottom. Wait until the bottom has come and gone. Wait until it is too late to catch the bottom. Wait until everybody knows about it, even those who get their news from the Peachtree Gazette.

Then it will be safe to venture out.

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