Sunday, January 20, 2008

Loathing is a Four-Letter Word

I like to buy when I feel panic. Back in August, the little bristles on the back of my neck stood up and I bought SPY at 139, and then sold it a week later for 147. A quick 8 points.

The problem is, I have to feel the panic myself. It has to be in me. But with a load of cash, it's hard to summon out the feeling. But that's OK - I own GOOG.

GOOG is my canary, make that emu, in the coal mine. When GOOG sells down into the 5oo's with the rest of the market, I will, at some point, be seized with the horror that GOOG is just another word for JDSU, and that I should sell all my shares before they become worthless.

When I have that feeling, accompanied by intense self-loathing, I will buy SPY, wherever it is, and then wait for the feeling to go away.

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