Thursday, January 24, 2008

Long Time, No See

Today, I sold that SPY that I agonized over buying, yesterday. Does that make me a trader? I hope so - I've always wanted to be one of those.

I figured I was either going to hold those shares until they reached 1600, as Abby Joseph Cohen has promised, or I was going to sell them. I sold them, and took my 6 bucks. Last time I bought SPY, it took a week to get 6 bucks. I'm getting better at this.

Cramer has called the bottom, but Rev Shark says he's nuts. Kass is acting strange. I'm in for any scenario. If it goes back down, I'll buy back that SPY. If it goes up, I won't. I'm funny that way.

And what can I say about GOOG?

Welcome back, buddy. We missed you.

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