Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Today: Down and Out and Up

Hillary needed a win. I'm glad she got it. Now, we'll see what happens. But don't get me wrong - I like Obama, too, for the same reason that I like The Fourth of July.

Everbody talkin bout - Change. It's got me wondering: what's the change if Obama gets in? I know he's black, and that's good for the history books, but he acts like a damn white man. Just like the one that's in there, now.

But, if Hillary gets in, that's a big change. Hillary's a woman. There's no telling what that would be like. It might be good. Might not.

I think they both should have a turn at being President. Hillary, first, and then Obama. Maybe self-doubt will have set in by then, tempering him to the rigors of office.

Elsewhere, in the markets, today, capitulation occurred in the early afternoon, allowing time for a rousing rally into the close. I made no big investments. I bought a little more GOOG (19 shares at 650).

I thought about reestablishing a mutual fund, or two, but then I decided not to. A little bit at a time, here and there, is what I'd been doing that wasn't working. Now, I'm an all-or-nothing guy. That's my style. The all-or-nothingness of everything clarifies my mind to a point where I can have conviction about it. That, and patience. There has to be more to it than we have seen to date. This market is way too cool, calm and collected. I'm waiting for the yodel over the cliff, and a disorderly retreat.

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