Monday, January 7, 2008

Economicus Interruptus

Market up
GOOG down

Political goings-on have, of late, been interfering with the serious task of putting my money at risk.

My attitude about Presidential elections is this. It doesn't matter who gets in. A look at the incumbent will convince you of that. I could be President and the country would survive.

So, when I look over the list of candidates, I take other factors into account, besides just seriousness.

Republicans don't interest me. I don't like the company they keep.

I like Hillary. I have always liked Hillary. I would like to see her President. But I don't know if she really has the moxie to bring it off. Obama has been sounding better, lately. And she's beginning to avoid eye contact when she's declaiming, as though the whole thing is getting to her. Playing that game is hard to do, unless you're slick to begin with.

Obama likes to hear himself talk. He's not self-conscious about anything. But it's hard not to be affected by him. He's talking good. The only thing I can say against him is that he looks like a kid.

The rest are background radiation.

BTW, I bought 54 shares of GOOG today with the same money that I got for selling 51 shares on December the 17th.

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