Friday, January 18, 2008

Signifying 54 Cents

GOOG's chart today was a tale told by an idiot. Fooling around all day for 4 1/2 bits. Down. On days like this, I think about what Greil Marcus said to start off his review of Bob Dylan's Self-Portrait album.

He said, "What is this shit?"

My sentiments exactly. I say, let's cancel next week and get on with GOOG's earnings and the Fed. Maybe somebody could call Larry and Sergey and ask them if they could release the earnings a few days early this time.

I mean, I saw SPY down around 132 today, and I was looking for something to redeem my goof of going back in the C Fund too soon, and 132 is not far from 131, which is an even ten points better than 141, where I last sold SPY. So, I put in an order to buy back SPY at 130.97, cheating the mark just a bit to handle the worrying charges.

SPY got above 135, during the day, but 131.10 was the best it could do on the down side. Thirteen cents away from a redeeming trade.

It was a Greil Marcus kind of day.

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