Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Post-Traumatic Sell Syndrome

I am a battle-weary veteran of the campaigns of 2000-2002 for the conquest of Bubbleonia. I bought JDSU for a hundo and sold it for a one-do. Don't make me tell you any more, it will make you cry.

I have since been rehabilitated back into normal markets, but the psychological scars remain, evidenced by an overwhelming urge to sell. Last year I sold AAPL for 67. I sold GS for 147. And I sold GOOG for 366.

I thought I was getting better, but last week I sold more GOOG for 650. I told myself it was good money management, but it hurts so much...

I just want to be a normal, rich person.


Anonymous said...

That's pretty hard to believe.
- Don Adams

onetosevenbillion said...

Larry you need to know this. You be better off as a book writer than a stock trader cause you never know when to sell and what stocks to buy. So i`ll help. you never buy jdsu. buy goog,isrg,aapl and bidu and you will be just fine .oh and don`t sell bidu under $400.00 or isrg under $350.00 or google under $700.00 . onetosevenbillion@yahoo.com

Larry Blumen said...

one - Thanks for the advice. You might be right.