Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Difference Between Reckless and Foolhardy

My wife was happy when I went to cash last month. She would be happy if I put it all under our mattress in small bills, as long as it wasn't too lumpy.

But I'm not happy. I'm thinking of desperate measures. I asked my wife, "What would you think if I put all our cash into Google?" She frowned.

Back in May, I heard a guy on the Stock Channel say, "We're advising our clients to buy as much Google as they can stand."

I liked that guy. He catalyzed me into action. I sold all our individual stocks and bought Google with the proceeds. That was a good decision. Then I sold everything else for cash.

I said to my wife, "If we put everything into Google, the overwhelming probability is that we would get rich." She didn't say anything.

But I can't do it. Now I know how much Google I can stand.

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