Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ma Google

Today GOOG popped for a buck-fifty-four! Closing price: 694.77

It's all about the GPhone... Or is it?

Google to Carriers: Tear down those walls!

Carriers: Huh?

Google: Give the phone service away free and we'll guarantee you a nice living from the ad revenue.

Carriers: Huh??

Google: If that doesn't suit, we will buy up enough wireless bandwith to beat you.

I just hope nobody's expecting a whiz-bang whirlygig like the IPhone. There's a lot of hot money, I'm afraid, expecting just that. When Google comes out waving the specification for taking over the world, I'm afraid the hot money might be disappointed. And they don't handle disappointment well. Be there. And be ready.

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