Tuesday, October 23, 2007

McNealy Sunset

IBM didn't get it - they gave the software away free, because they thought it had no value. Olsen didn't get it. They were all hardware guys.

McNealy said, "The Internet is the computer," but he didn't get it either. He likened the Internet to the machine. He should have said, "The Internet is the Operating System." It's the software, stupid, not the hardware.

Gates got it and then lost it. He got trapped inside the box.

Page and Brin get it. Software. Running on the Internet from thousands of boxcars, filled with cheap PC's.

But Page and Brin stole one page from Gates' book: Gates catered to programmers, empowering them with great tools, and they developed the applications that locked everybody into Windows.

Page and Brin are doing the same thing in a more general way: empowering all content writers of every stripe, tieing us all into the Internet that is Google.

Extra credit: http://littlefforts.blogspot.com/2006/12/transactioni-dont-know.html

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