Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Riding the Tiger's Back

New York 4 pm Close: 707

Something's happening here

Something unusual is happening. This thing is going much, much higher. Parabolic, like the Great Rainbow. Don't fear the Great Rainbow.

The spirit is in GOOG. It's a time of great joy for shareowners. But we must also remember those who are not shareowners and keep them in our thoughts. We must not laugh at them too much.

And don't regret the false prophets who follow in our wake. Foul of mouth and bad of spelling, they are the wind at our backs.

They will tell you that the end is near; that there is a down for every up. Don't believe them.

They will say: "SELL THAT BLOATED PIG!!!" Ignore them.

Just remember, when you ride the back of the tiger, the worst thing you can do is get off.


LauraVella said...

What kind of crack are you smoking?

This stocks a ticking timebomb, anyone holding it now will blow-up.

Guess some didnt learn from the dotcom/IPO days.

rassoodock said...

Your post sounds vaguely familiar. I'm trying to put my finger on it... oh wait, I think I have it:
Jim Cramer

Enjoy your irrational exuberance, while it lasts ;) muhahahaha

Larry Blumen said...

Rassoodock - Well, you found me out: I'm Jim Cramer's smarter brother, Retro. If I didn't have hindsight, I wouldn't be able to see at all.

Get lost, pal, before I give you a chop in the old rassoodock. And take LauraVella with you. ;)

Larry Blumen said...

In retrospect, LauraVella and rassoodock were absolutely right. But I wasn't wrong.