Monday, December 10, 2007

Tell me where it hurts, and I'll tell you who to call

Here's something to think about.

Right now, the Internet is like, there's not just one airport in each town to fly out of, but every airline has its own airports, so when you want to fly somewhere, you have to find out what airlines are going there, so you'll know which airport to go to. And the airports are all laid out differently, so you never know where the restrooms are.

I got started thinking about this tonight, because I wanted to write something about this Yahoo! GOOG Message Board thing. And then I thought, it's not just the Yahoo! Board. Every big portal must have a message board place and there ought to be a GOOG message board in every one of them. My only experience has been with the Yahoo! GOOG Message Board. Clearly, my experience needed broadening.

I decided to seek out the Google GOOG Message Board. That's where I ought to be, anyway - the sheer inappropriateness of having to go to Yahoo! to find a GOOG message board has always been a source of constant irritation to me.

I went to and looked for message boards. They weren't listed as a category. So I figured it would either be under Finance or Groups. I looked in both places, but there was no message board section in either one. Finally, I googled: "GOOG Message Board". I got no hits. I gave up.

I have a feeling that there really is a Google GOOG Message Board, but Google can't find it.

It's not a big thing. Just something that Larry and Sergey can think about when they're kicking back in their hot tub.


Garret H said...

Larry Blumen said...

Thank you, Garret H.

A man of few words and much information. So I was right, and also wrong. The problem isn't in Google, it's in me.

Actually, I went to that page, but it didn't feel like a message board. Is that because Google's board design sucks, or because I'm just used to the Yahoo! Board?

We'd have to ask someone who grew up in Google Finance and then jumped into the Yahoo! jungle.

Alas, tonight, I am a man of many words and little information.

Garret H said...

I would agree with you that their finance site design isn't the best. User experience is not exactly Google's areas of expertise so I don't really blame you for not being able to find it. However, their charts are sure fun to play with!

Larry Blumen said...

I will check out the charts - thanks!