Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm On My Way

In my blog, only public service ads appear, because Google is punishing me for using the word, "Google" in my blog title. That's OK, but I wanted to see how the process worked, so I set up another blog, without "Google" in the title, and signed up with AdSense.

By all accounts, there have been no visitors to this new, entrepreneurial blog of mine. And yet, my wife has informed me that, last month, 49 cents was deposited in our checking account from Google, Inc.

I have no idea what this payment is for. Google pays by the click and by the number of impressions. But they don't say how much they pay. They do say that they won't send you any payments at all until you have a balance of $100 or more.

So, I'm puzzled about this 49 cents. But I'm not sentimental about it - you won't find me framing it on my wall. No siree. As soon as I think of something it will buy, I'm going to spend it.

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