Monday, December 17, 2007


I did it again. After reading a long article by Doug Kass, I decided that I didn't have enough cash, so I sold 51 shares of GOOG a few minutes ago. For 675.63.

This is the same lot of shares (plus three) that I sold a while back for 650 and then bought back for 628.50.

Right now, the Dow is down 131 and the S&P 500 is down 16, but there is no panic. Griffeth and Herera are talking about how everybody is buying toys for Christmas. With their houses.


Anonymous said...

How could you!?? When we've lost Larry, we've lost America.


Larry Blumen said...


I know I should feel really bad. The last time I did. But this time I'm having a hard time feeling sincerely bad.

I think it's because, deep down, I know I'm going to get them back. Some bigger fool than I will sell them back to me.

To believe otherwise is to believe that 625 will never be seen again, and there's no Santa Claus.