Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fiscal Report

Since I made the grievous error, on September 17, of selling everything (except GOOG) for cash, right before the Fed lit a 50 point fire under the market, it has been easy to assume, what with the rallying going on, that I have been falling further and further behind where my coffers would be if, instead, I had gone on a long bus ride.

Today, however, I did the math and learned that I am $165.86 ahead of where I would have been, if inaction had continued to be my investment strategy. Actually, I am better off because my cash has been increasing in value at a slowly diminishing, but still positive, rate of interest.

Accordingly, I am going to stop beating myself up about this, and will instead turn my thoughts to tidings of comfort and joy, in keeping with the season. Charity begins with a clean balance sheet.

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