Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's hear it for Larry Page!

I should be happy today---all my stocks were up.  DE was in the plus column for the first time since I bought it.  COP inched up comfortably above my highest cost basis. ATPG, OIH and C had nice gains north of 2% each.

Only GOOG, though up on the day, turned in an anemic performance of .11%.  It remains hunkered, waiting for further assaults from the GOOG perma-bears.

Also, I might add that NLY, which I sold, was up .99%.  Way to go, NLY!

The whole portfolio was up .70%.  I'll take it.  I'll need it tomorrow when I'll have to give it back.

On slow days, the mind wanders---I'm thinking about what Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Bobby Fischer had in common, namely, a killer instinct that made them want, not just to best their opponents, but to destroy them.

And I'm wondering if Larry Page also has this quality.  With a mission to be open and free with everything, you would think not. But maybe that was Sergey's idea.  I think Larry has shown, from the start, that he wants, if not to kill, then at least to beat the buggers into submission.  And I think he has executed on that plan magnificently during the whole history of Google.

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