Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big bang, followed by little whimper

The first week of 2012 was a short oneit started with a bang on Tuesday, with reverberations into Wednesday, but faded on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, I sold my small position in NLY for a tiny profit, plus a dividend.  I decided that NLY has too many headwinds going forward.

My portfolio ended 2011 essentially flat (-.10%).  So far, in 2012, I'm up 1.36%.

GOOG, COP and DE are in breakout mode.  C, OIH and ATPG are still in the penalty box.

My current stocks, as of COB Friday, have a net gain of 7.41%.  GOOG and COP have a combined gain of 23%.  ATPG, OIH, DE and C have a combined loss of 21%.

The nice thing is that my winners represent 83.28% of my portfolio.

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