Sunday, February 24, 2008

Whacked, She Said

Two words I've been hearing lately: whooshed and whacked. Meisler uses them a lot. I first noticed that a few weeks ago, when she started saying that GOOG needed to be whacked. And then, when GOOG did get whacked, she expressed satisfaction that it did.

So, whacked is something that happens to a stock. Markets don't get whacked. And it's always bad to get whacked. Never good. Nobody says, hooray, my stock got whacked.

Whooshed is another matter altogether. Stocks don't whoosh. They may seem to whoosh, but there's always another word for it - they ramped, or went parabolic. Use your imagination.

Only markets whoosh. And a whoosh can be good or bad, depending on which way you are leaning at the time. A recent example is last Friday, when the indices all drifted lower until the last half hour when they whooshed. Up.

I missed it. I went to the bathroom and when I got back, the market had whooshed. It was a good thing I went when I did.

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