Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just Another Random Act of Kindness

Karen Finerman is my favorite trader on Fast Money. I don't get silly about it, I just like her. Actually, I like all the people on that show. Najarian is special - a big palooka with a lot of heart, brain and courage to come on a show like that. Macke talks fast and sometimes he's funny, but, when Najarian lets loose, you get a lot of useful information in a short period of time. Adami is cool inside, but he's a deep klutz. Ratigan, I admire as a man among men. And a woman.

Karen is my favorite. I felt sorry for her today. CROCS was down 16% after hours. She took it well, but I wonder how she manages it. She can't claim stupidity or amateur status, like me, but she does the same stupid things. I ought to write her and tell her about my recent experience with GOOG. It might make her feel better.


Rosamunde said...

People should read this.

Larry Blumen said...


On behalf of the group and myself, thank you.

I have evidence, from Google Analytics, that about ten people read this blog regularly. That's always seemed like a lot, to me.