Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My own private briar patch

GOOG: the lower forty.

Today, my challenge to the god of GOOG was undone. The boast, that the marker of my sale at 489 would not be penetrated, has been exposed for the cheap ploy that it was - a crass and self-serving attempt to provoke fate into proving me wrong. And so it did.

I said I would be loading up the Honda when it got to 450. I never thought it would actually get there. Now, I'm not so sure. The view is different, down here. Maybe if it goes to 400.

Ya hear that, GOOG?


Anonymous said...

Dont beat yourself up. You invested well, and sold when appropriate.

It looks weak, for sure. Yesterday was selling backed by volume. I read a report that this might be institutional investors bailing before a larger market correction...a source of cash, flight to safety, reading for a larger move...

They led us up, they may be leading us down in a bear market. I would keep you powder dry for a while.

Larry Blumen said...

You know, you're right - all I lost was a dream. And I did bring home some bacon.

You sound like the last guy who left a comment for me on this blog - giving good advice, for free.


Anonymous said...

Just a guy who has lost a lot this year. Count your blessings. Be well.