Monday, February 2, 2009

Google is a Vacuum Cleaner as big as Wyoming

They got scale. Miles and miles of scale. The triumph of programmers. Did GM ever figure out how to get to everybody who was in a Chevrolet? Not hardly. But Larry and Sergey figured out how to get to everybody with a computer. Er, phone.

Thirty years ago, Bill Gates famously told his programming buddies that they should be paid for their software. Twenty years later, Larry and Sergey said, "Naw, let's just give it all away!"

It's easy to imagine them in their hot tub at night, looking up at the stars and listening to that whooshing sound, coming in from every direction.

Larry says, "I want to be as rich as Bill Gates."

And Sergey says, "Me, too."

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Larry Blumen said...

You see,
there's two of them, so if they're each as rich as Bill Gates, then Google is twice as big as Microsoft. Right?

A lot of people think Google's gonna get a lot bigger. Not so many see Microsoft getting a lot smaller.

Bill Gates generation is almost gone and, with it, goes the whole Microsoft ethos. Those guys built great cathedrals, but it got cold in there.

The new guys are Java men. They don't have the attention span required by MS Office and its spawn.

Larry and Sergey speak their own language to each other, and everybody listens.