Monday, April 21, 2008

What Am I Bid for this KeyWord?

These days, it's hard to escape the fact that I'm not the guy in the Schwab commercial who smiles modestly and says, "I do OK."

So it was, this morning, that I found myself in a glum mood and in need of a little ego salve. More in idleness than in earnest, I went to the GOOG message board and searched for "The Google Opinion."

A bunch of references came back and among them was a post, asking if there were "any blogs for Google like MacRumors or AppleInsider for Apple?" And there was a reply from google1000orbust who said, "Larry Blumen has the google opinion."

I thought that was nice. I could use a few more like that. As it turned out, most of the references were my own posts, advertising this blog.

I decided to broaden the search by putting in just "Blumen".

At the top of the list that came back was, "BLUMEN is a moron."

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