Saturday, April 19, 2008

GOOG Again

Here's what happened.

Thursday night, my wife and I were going to hear Temple Grandin speak downtown. We had to leave at four-thirty to get there at six, and GOOG's earnings came out at four.

At four, I was glued to the Stock Channel. They had two guys there. One was a nice looking suit, who said his firm was advising their clients to buy this amazing money machine prior to the earnings release. The other guy was a smirking little jerk who said that Google had saturated its market and would soon go out of business. I hated being on that schmuck's side.

Then Jim Goldman came on with the news in his patented peppy style and I sat there stunned, thinking God really does have it in for me. I just sat there, watching a world-class short squeeze unfolding. I had no game plan.

I went to my wife and said, "Google. Earnings. Stupendous."

She said, "Why don't you buy it back?"

That was the last thing I was going to do. Before that, I would quit my job and become a priest. But then I remembered that Cramer was in this fix once and he bought it all back. Suddenly, I realized that I would have no chance to get rich if I didn't buy it all back.

It made perfect sense. When GOOG was down, I made a few bucks trading it between 425 and 450. So, now, at 505, I quickly figured that I could get back in, even, with the proceeds.

It was four-twenty-five and my wife was saying, "Are you ready to go?"

I said, "I'll be right there," but raced upstairs, turned the computer on, and went into my after-hours trading place. By the time I put my order in at 505, it was up to 509. I didn't have time to dick around, but Cramer says only chumps put in market orders, so I put in 510, thinking that would get it, and then I had to leave. I couldn't stay to see what happened.

Temple Grandin was great. The smartest, most successful and funniest autistic person on the planet. I forgot about what did or didn't happen back home.

We got back about ten. I checked the computer and the order had expired unexecuted. Of course.

But, after giving it up, I had seen GOOG again in my future. I knew what I was going to do. The next morning, before the market opened, GOOG was at 528 and still climbing. At work, I put in an order to buy 200. At the market. I got 535. It kept going up to 547, proving there are greater fools than I.

It settled back to 539 at the close. Next week, it will probably correct. I don't care.

The dream is back. Schrodinger's Cat lives.

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