Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Musing, into the close

This morning, things were looking up.

GOOG was holding its own, around 485. My big oils (XOM and COP) were moving with the pop in the price of oil. And there were early rumors that some oil company in the Gulf of Mexico is going to sue the Government to remove the moratorium on drilling, so my little oil (ATPG) shot up 12% right out of the box. ATPG's daily chart in Google Finance was a thing of beauty - a picture of a short squeeze in motion, which is to say, a vertical line, straight up. Even Citibank popped 5%, which is to say, +17 cents.

This afternoon, around three, something happened. The Euro declined. Or Steve Jobs caught a cold. I'm not sure. But the market went to hell. Everything went down.

Fortunately, I don't need the money today. Chances are, I may not ever need the money.

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