Sunday, August 31, 2008

Boring, Boring, Boring

GOOG is boring. Heebner is boring. Cash is boring. I've been in this funk now for a couple of weeks.

I'm way past reading for information. I read it because there's nothing else to read.

It takes me 39 seconds to go through the Barrons that comes to my driveway every Saturday morning. I look at the Market Laboratory. The short interest is not interesting.

By accident, I tuned into the Stock Channel the day Eric Schmidt came on Cramer's afternoon show. It was boring. Cramer asked him all the stupid questions that we would have asked if we'd been on.

Schmidt's answers were boring. But Cramer hung on every word like he was Moses, getting it straight from Yahweh.

It didn't have to be boring. It could have been interesting....

Cramer: "Why don't you split the stupid stock?"

Schmidt: "Why?"

Cramer: "Well - you know, man!"

Schmidt: "Wouldn't it be evil?"

Cramer: "No! It's evil if you don't split it!"

Schmidt: "I never thought about it that way."

Cramer: "It would be great, man!"

Schmidt (getting out his Blackberry): "OK. I'll call Larry and Sergey right now. How about 500 to 1? That way, we could be a penny stock. We'll have it out in Beta by tomorrow noon."

Cramer pops a vessel and faints on national TV. Medics are called. The Stock Channel switches fast to Becky Quick, interviewing Warren....

What can I say?

It's Sunday.

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