Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Devil and Ken Heebner

I don't buy the theory that, just because I bought the fund, Heebner is going to lose his touch. The universe I believe in doesn't work that way.

But I could be unlucky. Or I could have some character flaw that makes me always late to the dance. These are imponderables.

The last couple of days, he was down less than a dollar each. Today, down 88 cents. A few cents here, a few cents, there. Pretty soon, we're going to be talking about real money.

I dreamed that Heebner met the Devil, at the corner of Wall and Broad, twenty years ago, and he bought a license to be the best fund manager alive for the next twenty years. And so it came to pass. But now the license has expired.

"For a sign," said the Devil, "look for a time when Blumen buys in. Then you'll know you've had it."

I don't believe that.

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