Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And the Parabola Shall Be Made Smooth

In pundit-speak, GOOG opened up 10 today, with the rest of the giddy market, and ramped to nearly +15, before fading with the morning dew to a range of +10-13, where it is presently (3 PM) stuck.

The market wants desperately to see Santa Claus this year and GOOG's got its story back. Actually, GOOG has three stories going, and they're all good:
  1. Google is not a one-trick pony anymore.
  2. Mobile advertising is going parabolic.
  3. GOOG owns 75% of mobile advertising.
And, I should add, Apple continues to do well - contrary to popular opinion, what is good for Apple is good for Google, too.

So, when is the party over? New Year's Eve? A little hangover might be due, but I wouldn't think of selling any GOOG for the next couple of years.

Loosen your seatbelt - it may not be as bumpy as you might think.


Wall Lights said...

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Larry Blumen said...

Wall: You're welcome.