Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lyrical Analysis

There's always another hard luck story that you're gonna hear.

For us long-distance runners in GOOG, there's nothing much to do between earnings reports, besides watching traders, trying to make money from themselves. After the earnings pop, last Google Eve, GOOG suffered a mighty rise, kissing its previous high for the year, before falling back.

Now, the GOOG bashers are back out of their holes, but they've lost their passionate intensity. The Mullahs of fundamental and technical analysis are recalibrating their instruments to account for the change, but we don't have to fool with that.

There's a new kind of analysis that I call lyrical. Lyrical analysis is simple - it focuses on the story. With lyrical analysis, you only have to know one thing - has the story changed?

Lyrical Analysis for GOOG

Old story : Google is a one-trick pony
New story: Google is not a one-trick pony

Result: the all-time GOOG high of 741 is in sight.

Forget fundamental and technical analysis. With lyrical analysis, all you need to know is the story.

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