Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lost in the After Hours

The Dow was up a couple a hunnert today, but it didn't feel good. Nothing feels good anymore. We're all just waiting for Godawful.

GOOG was up a half a buck at the close, but then gave it all back plus change when RIMM went over the edge. And then, Heebner. Well. Heebner is Heebner. Beware Heebner. My mind wanders....

I wandered into Coney Island and read a thing about singers covering songs recorded by other singers. How great or terrible they are. I looked at the comments. All the comments had little cartoon pictures on them. I should have known.

The commenters were all disputing everybody else's faves. I decided to add a comment of my own. I wrote:

"My favorite cover is Bob Dylan's version of 'Precious Memories', on the 'Knocked Out Loaded' album."

That should lift the level of discussion, I thought. I looked for my prose in the list. There were 17 pages of comments, each one saying how many minutes ago it was posted.

I went to the end of the list, but didn't see my stuff. Then I saw it wasn't the end of the list anymore. The end was now page 21. I was standing on a moving sidewalk!

I decided to catch up to the end page. But, no matter how fast I clicked, I kept losing ground. The comments were saying "Posted 1 minute ago," when I realized that I had posted my comment over 5 minutes ago.

I was going in the wrong direction. I backed up to page 10 where the comments were posted 6 minutes ago. This was the right strategy, I figured: get out in front of it and run it down. But I didn't see it anywhere. I must have underestimated how long ago I'd posted. I started out in the other direction. I skipped around. At some point, I realized that I would never see my words in print.

I looked in amazement at the other comments. There were people having conversations in there! How did they do that?

I thought about a dream I had, years ago, where I got lost in a cemetery. It was the night before my father died.

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