Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Avoiding the Plunge

I talked to a Vanguard Financial Advisor last week. That's what you do when you decide to stop your running around, get married, settle down, have kids and grow old.

Inside, I raged, raged. Outside, I tried to speak intelligently. The Vanguard Financial Advisor recommended that I put half of my investable funds into bonds. I thought, bonds are for old men! But I didn't say it. I knew he was telling me the right thing to do.

"Vanguard recommends that you sell your Google."

(My Google?)

"er, what about half?"

"Half would be fine."




And I'm not going to buy any bonds, either.


balljet said...

that is pretty funny....

we are consolidating, bollinger bands pretty tight. Somethings gotta give soon..

Larry Blumen said...

Yes, it sure looks that way.

But I'm beginning to scale into the idea that the key to success in this business is staying invested.

If I had never sold a single share of GOOG that I ever bought, I'd be a rich man, today.

balljet said...

well... you might be right.. then.. sleep at night!!