Friday, March 7, 2008

They said it was a bad day

When the night comes falling
From the sky

63 thousand hedge fund managers lost their jobs, last month. Joe Kernan and the boys, and the girl, were all over it. They had guests on who were prepared to certify that the economy is now going to hell, but they didn't need guests. Kernan kept shouting while they were trying to speak. For a while, everybody was yelling at once. It was pretty scary.

I say it's a good thing Santelli is in Chicago. He wanted to fight somebody.

The market itself, when it came on, did a pretty good rendition of "Up a Lazy River, by the Old Millstream."

Yesterday, I bought some GOOG for 447. It closed around 432. I needed another falling knife. Now, I have a full set.

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