Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Something's happening here

This morning, everything was up nicely and then, a little later, everything was going to hell. I checked and Cramer had posted that something was stinking up the joint and he thought it was Bernanke's speech to Congress. I decided that it was time to trim, so I sold a little over 5% of my COP stash for a 15% gain.

After that, Cramer posted an update, saying that Bernanke didn't stink after all, and the market recovered for a while, but ended the day solidly in the red. This got everybody's attention. We'll see.

GOOG was down pennies.

COP ended 2 cents above where I sold it, but down almost 1% on the day.

ATPG is holding onto its big gain of two days ago.

DE, C and OIH did not impress.

The whole portfolio was down 1/2%.

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