Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Google Eve

And negativity won't see you through.

When it's new moon in April, Google Eve is a somber occasion, in memory of past Google Eves in this cruelest of all months which have not gone well with the analysts, hedgies and traders.  These denizens of the tradewinds have sought to find fault with stellar earnings and revenue.  Faced with a tsunami in stellar reports over the past six years, they seek to find the tiniest, slightest hairline crack in the moat.  And the stock gets hammered.

When it's Google Eve in April, then, we diehards hunker down and flinch in advance of the news.  We get all our flinching out, so that tomorrow we can stand resolute and unflinching when the mosquitoes hit the 'net.  By our presence and manner, we will show them that their negativity will not prevail.

Someday, GOOG will see $800 and beyond.


Larry Blumen said...

Please do not try to resolve, into a single coherent image, all the myriad metaphors, tossed around with apparent abandon in this post. It can't be done.

lunette de soleil dolce&gabbana said...

You have done an excellent job of research and writing.

Larry Blumen said...

Lunette: cheers.