Monday, September 7, 2009

The Mars Perspective

You tell 'em, Populi
You got the Vox

The perspective from Mars is that, from time immemorial, we have been engaged in civil war down here. From tribes to nations, we have been hating and fighting and killing our own kind through generations. Now and then, it gets so bad that Yahweh has to intervene.

I've always sensed Yahweh in multitudes. Whether it's his voice I'm hearing, or his ear getting tickled by the action of crowds, I'm not sure. Somehow the spirit emerges from the multitude and focuses on an individual who is transformed. That's the only rational way I can understand Lincoln. Or Elvis.

We may be building up to something again, now. Thousands believe that we are. And this time the crowd is global. Hysteria sweeps over the world and back like searchlights on that plain where gentlemen used to walk, bootleg whiskey in their hands.

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