Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Man's Tweet

I saw George Harrison on TV once. The interviewer asked him about his experience with LSD. Harrison said, "I only needed to do it once." The interviewer leaned forward and said, "You only did LSD one time?" And Harrison said, "No, I did it many times. But I only needed to do it once."

That's the way I feel about Twitter and I've only done it once.

I like the idea of followers. But I don't like the message length. Haiku is not my literary form of choice. Facebook has the same thing and I don't like it there either. I don't want to operate at that speed.

Tweeting may be all right for the young, but it feeds too fast for us old folks.

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Larry Blumen said...

It doesn't need saying, but I've never taken LSD. I've thought about it. Over the years, I've known people who did it. But they didn't encourage me to be like them. They all said I didn't need it. My wife assures me that I couldn't handle it.