Friday, June 27, 2008

There Must Be Some Way Out of Here

When I need inspiration, or just want to feel dirty all over, I check out the Google Message Board.

The Google Message Board is a real place to me. It's like Casablanca, if Casablanca had been an Indiana Jones movie. Bizarro market place, filled with sub-terrestrial creatures, and camels. Everybody selling, nobody buying. Much confusion, no relief. Give me your sick, your slimy, your depraved of heart. That's the Google Message Board. To me.

Every time I go there, at first, I'm offended and put off, not by the sub-animal obscenity, but by the stupidity displayed. Then, after a while, I want to wallow in it, and I start firing off posts, replying to those most in need of one.

My aim, to be not subtle, but plain-spoken. To say things that can have more than one meaning. To play the fool in earnest.

I might say, "The offal is awful in here, don't you think?"

Or I might not.


Anonymous said...

You think goog is bad... have a look at csco.

Larry Blumen said...


On your advice, I did, and you're right. It makes the Google MB look like an afternoon at Aunt Nanny's.

For peace, love and understanding, I used to hang out at the Abercrombie and Fitch Board, even though I never owned it. But now, it seems, the crazies have taken it over, too.